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Houses in movies: Bank Hall in The Haunted House of Horror (1969) – you could soon live there

Bank Hall in The Haunted House of Horror
Bank Hall in The Haunted House of Horror

This is actually a topical post, as the 1960s swinging London flick The Haunted House of Horror is actually on TV this coming Friday (BBC1 I think, you might want to check). Which makes it the perfect time to feature said ‘Haunted House’, which is actually Bank Hall, a Jacobean mansion south of the village of Bretherton in Lancashire.

It was a little run down then and is derelict now. You wouldn’t be able to spend a spooky night there these days. It was vacated in 1972 by the last owner, Lord Lilford, and has since been the subject of much vandalism. But all is not lost just yet.

A Bank Hall Action Group has been set up and noted developer Urban Splash (which was behind the Midland Hotel renovation on Morecambe) has apparently stepped in, with plans to covert the house into apartments, retaining most of the key features. Planning permission was passed in early 2011.

So you too could spend a night (and more) in The Haunted House of Horror. What’s that like? See the trailer below…

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