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General listings on WowHaus:

At WowHaus, I am very keen to feature houses that are interesting and eye-catching, whether they are modern, classic, retro or just quirky. It’s all about interesting design and interiors.

If you have any properties like that, do get in touch with us at [email protected]. I genuinely love to hear from you.

I need as much detail as possible (an architect’s name if you have one, the year of construction if available but not essential), although if you don’t have that, just some good images and general details about the house. I will do the rest.

Note that there is absolutely no charge for featuring the site. I really cannot emphasise this enough. I don’t want your commission, any kind of fee and I am certainly not marketing your house/property. I just to love to see and write about interesting houses. The fact that you get your house sold quicker to an appreciative buyer is just a bonus for you.


I realise that many agents use their own in-house photographers and as such, I will always link back to the agent or listing site for any property finds as a means of crediting both images and details. Of course, it means someone can book a viewing and find out more too. Ultimately, I want to drive send potential buyers to your website to buy these amazing houses.

However, in the rare occurrence that an outside photographer needs crediting, I am more than happy to do that. In fact, I will go out of my way to do that as I understand that all such work needs highlighting. Please get in touch and I will ensure full credit/details are added to photos where necessary. If a photographer is credited in a listing, I will credit on this site too.

In addition, if you prefer photographs of a property to be removed, I am happy to do that as well. My aim is to promote you and work with you. Not fall out with you or anyone you are working with. Everything can be removed with a click of a button.

Listing updates:

If you prefer a listing to be removed or updated, please contact me and I will do that as soon as humanly possible. For example, if details are incorrect, if a price has changed, if the house has sold and no longer for sale and you wish it to be removed or if there are personal or professional reasons for having it removed. Again, I want to help in any way possible.

Sponsored Listings:

I am happy to talk about sponsored listings on the site, if you want the property to be featured at the top of each index page (and the homepage) for an agreed period of time. But note that I would still write the article (with your input) in the site style and any sponsored posts would be listed as such on the site.

If you want to talk about that, get in touch at [email protected].

Of course, you can advertise on the site too, see the advertising section for details of that.

That’s about it. At the end of the day let’s talk and let’s get the word out when interesting architecture goes up for sale.