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Ok, here’s the bit where we get to know each. My name is David and I run and write the WowHaus website. That’s right, this isn’t an office staffed with 10 staff plus an admin team. WowHaus is one man and his computer, plus a list of property finds.

If you like what I do, perhaps I can work with you to help promote your company and in turn, you can help support this site? I know, it sounds like a great idea. For some ideas of just how that could work, read on.

But before we do, some background.

WowHaus is a rapidly growing site focusing on architecturally interesting houses, both old and new, as well as interesting and relevant interior design. The site has a very strong fanbase on Twitter and Facebook (not to mention Pinterest and Instagram), as well as a rapidly growing number of people who follow us via a weekly newsletter. Of course, a good number of people just drop by regularly too.

I ‘fell’ into this for one reason. I love houses and I love architecture. I have no formal training or work experience in either property or as an architect. I simply love interesting houses. That’s the basis of this site and that ‘love’ of the subject matter is the basis of any popular blog. You really can’t fake it. I needed an outlet to tell the world about all the houses I found and a website was born. Thankfully, other like-minded people feel the same way.

But ultimately the bills need to be paid and sadly, they don’t accept love and enthusiasm. Which is why we have to talk about money.

So, still interested in working with me? Read on…

1. Banner advertising

All our advertising is handled by Mediavine. If you want to run any kind of ad campaign or banner campaign on the site, please visit this site.

2. Sponsored posts

If you want to create a sponsored post on the site, I can work with you to do just that. The post will be on the front page and in the archive of the site. I can work with you to ensure the content works with our audience too. Basically, it needs to. The content has to be of interest to my readers. That’s the bottom line.

Please note that I DO NOT involve myself in link building activities, so please do not contact us if that is your aim as a reply will not be forthcoming.

3. Email newsletter

I can feature you in our regular newsletter if you prefer to go that way. Do get in touch if this is of interest and once again, I can work something out together. Perhaps you want to sponsor the newsletter? It’s possible.

4. Competitions / promotions

If the product is related to architecture, interiors,  interior design and so on, we can also look at the possibility of a competition or promotion. Do get in touch if this works for you. These can also be promoted in the newsletter and on social media.

5. Site sponsorship

If you want to sponsor the site, I am happy to discuss the possibility, either long term or for a limited time – removing all other advertising if required. You can even sponsor the editorial posts for a period of time too. Again, please get in touch if this is of interest.

6. Listings

We have thought about creating directories of services and architects on the site, which is a logical next step in light of the site’s content. If this is of interest, we would love to hear from you.

So a lot of possibilities and I’m sure there are more. I’ll even be willing to write for you too if that’s something you want to discuss. Whatever it is, drop mew a line in the first instance. I am at: [email protected]

 – and if you want to chat on the phone (I do love a chat), then ask for my number and we can have a natter about it all too.

If you want to know more about us and want to chat online, you can also visit our LinkedIn page. Or message me via any of the social media platforms. Basically, let’s talk.

Speak soon,