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1960s, Modernist, USA

1960s circular time capsule house in Hartford, Wisconsin, USA

1960s circular time capsule house in Hartford, Wisconsin, USA
1960s circular time capsule house in Hartford, Wisconsin, USA

An unusual one and not much background, but this 1960s circular time capsule house in Hartford, Wisconsin, USA is up for sale.

What I do know is that the house dates back to 1969 and as you might have guessed, this was a custom build 50 years ago.

50 years is a long time and as a rule, houses tend to change a lot over the decades. Not this one. Has anything changed? I honestly don’t think anything has. Ok, some appliances have changed and the air conditioning may or may not be original. But you get my point. Nothing of note has changed since the late 1960s.

The house its in four acres of land and as you can see from the overhead images, it really does sit in isolation. Other properties are dotted around amongst the woodland, but you are buying privacy and seclusion here as well as a fascinating piece of architecture.

Of course, that architecture is very interesting and designed to take full advantage of the surrounding countryside.

Described as ‘fully open concept’, the house is dominated by the curved reception space to the front. A mix of concrete, glass and wood, it still retains its original brickwork floor and what look to be all the original fixtures and fittings too.

Beyond that, the circular theme continues with the curved wooden walls hiding (I presume) some storage but also acting as the entrance to another circular feature, which is the kitchen.

That kitchen looks in pretty much original condition. Partly hidden from the reception by (another) curved wall and storage area, it looks to have the 1960s kitchen units and rather unusual worktops, with a wall of curved glass looking out to the rear. Some updating of the appliances and this could be a notable feature.

That’s obviously not quite it as each end of the house has a circular-shaped bedroom, with exterior walls constructed with large bricks originating from a concrete silo in northern Wisconsin.

Finally, a ladder in the master bedroom connects through to a home office. Not sure if I would be up to climbing through that hatch every morning to do some work, but it’s there and yet another quirky feature of this rather wonderful house.

It looks like it needs work and according to the agent the house is being as in ‘as-is’ condition. Some enhancements have been made in the background (the water well pump, furnace and water heater are mentioned) but the house itself still looks as it did all those years ago and as such, would need upgrades here and there.

Not too many hopefully. There’s something rather appealing about all those original details both inside and out, right down to the unusual sculpture just outside the front window.

As it stands, the house is on the market for $235,000, which works out at around £191,00 as things stand. Another two acres of land is also available to buy separately if the current four acres isn’t quite enough, but even adding in the extra $98k for that, this is still a bargain compared to UK property prices.

Images and details courtesy of Zillow. For more details and to make an enquiry, please visit the website.

Big thanks to the Mid Century Modern Real Estate group on Facebook, where this was first spotted.

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