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Love WowHaus? You can always Buy Me A Coffee

Love WowHaus? You can always Buy Me A Coffee
Love WowHaus? You can always Buy Me A Coffee

If you enjoy WowHaus or have benefitted from reading it over the years, then perhaps you might like to Buy Me A Coffee.

Not in the real world of course (although I do like a coffee now and again). Instead, you can buy a virtual coffee for me.

Why would that make sense? Well, as many of you know, WowHaus isn’t a large concern, it’s very much a one-man operation and a spare-time endeavour too. As a result, all the costs of the website and the newsletter are down to me. They can add up too, so the cost of every coffee can be a real help.

Of course, you get my time and effort writing the site absolutely free. I never charge for that. it’s a labour of love.

If you do feel like you can afford to buy me a coffee to support the site, please do. You can Buy Me A Coffee here and it takes seconds.

Huge thanks in advance, it really is appreciated and incredibly helpful for the future of the site.


Buy Me A Coffee to support WowHaus

Note also that there is a membership option too and as part of that, I intend to contact any members when a particularly interesting house goes up for sale ahead of the crowd and ahead of going up on the site. 

Also, I will happily lookout for anything in your area if you contact me with your location and requirements. Just email me once you have registered for the modestly-priced membership and I’ll help in any way I can.

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