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1930s, Art deco, USA

On the market: 1930s art deco property in Tacoma, Washington, USA

1930s art deco property in Tacoma, Washington, USA
1930s art deco property in Tacoma, Washington, USA

This 1930s art deco property in Tacoma, Washington, USA is something of a mystery. And we love a good mystery.

The property dates back to 1937 and is described by the agent, quite rightly, as ‘distinctive and unique’. What we don’t know is the name of the architect behind this place. Whoever it is / was is certainly very skilled in his or her art.

This is opulent art deco in what looks like remarkably original condition. At least, that’s what we think. Some parts of the house look like relatively recent updates, the kitchen being the most obvious.

But looking at the house overall, we get the idea that everything from the windows and doors to that wonderful curved staircase and featured glass block detailing is well preserved piece of the 1930s.

The agent adds that the house ‘does need work’ and ‘is sold as-is’, which indicates that wholesale changes to the house haven’t taken place. Make your own mind up, although we are leaning heavily towards originality rather than modern reproduction.

We mentioned some of the features this place offers above, but perhaps the best of all is the large and bright living room with the walls of glass. Some of the finishes there look recent, but the room itself is very much of the art deco era.

Elsewhere, the 4,500 sq. ft. of living space includes four or five bedrooms (depending on how you configure this place), three bathrooms, additional reception rooms, a remodelled kitchen, balconies and a finished basement.

The curves continue with the stairway down to the garden, with the house sitting on a plot said to be around 9,147 sq. ft. in total.

As we said, work is down to be done here, so one to look at closely before jumping in. But if you like the idea of living a 1930s lifestyle, this place is on the market for $629,000.

Images and details courtesy of Zillow. For more details and to make an enquiry, please visit the website.

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