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Architects: Get your work and practice featured on the WowHaus site


We realise that there are a lot of interesting house projects and creators out there, so with that in mind, we are looking at featuring both architects and their projects on these pages.

It makes sense. The people who read this site (like the people who write it) love interesting houses and there are so many wonderful builds going up that we are missing. So it’s time you shared them with us.

Take your pick. You can either send is details of your latest finishes project (photos, details etc) and we will showcase on the site. Alternatively, we are happy to do an overview of your finest projects as part of a mini feature on you or your company.

There is obviously no charge from our end to do this. We’re just interested to see what’s happening and happy to tell the world about it. All we ask is that the house is potentially interesting to us and the WowHaus audience. UK or beyond, it doesn’t matter – as long as it is a house or apartment.

Like the sound of that? Your next move is to get in touch with us, either for more details or with the details of those projects and associated images. The email address you will need is [email protected].

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