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Buy a two-storey Eco Pod house on eBay for £18,000

Two-storey eco-home on eBay
Two-storey eco-home on eBay

Ever thought of buying your next home on an online auction site? No, me neither. But if you have a little bit of land to spare, you can pick up this two-storey eco-home on eBay for £18,000 or less.It’s a 4-metre diameter, dual-level ‘eco pod’, which, according to the seller, is ‘ready to live in’. Indeed, it’s kitted out with a woodburning stove, fully fitted Kitchen, fully fitted bathroom cubicle, 21-inch flat screen TV and Hi-Fi System, a load-bearing clear glazed floor and curved paddle staircase.

Two-storey eco-home on eBay
Two-storey eco-home on eBay

The interior furniture was apparently developed and hand crafted to fit the circular interior and has matching curved birch fronts. The interior decor is apparently ‘kept bright to increase the feeling of light and space’. Just as well, as there doesn’t seem like a lot of space.

Check out the technical details on the site, with delivery and installation extra, should you fancy liking in the pod. Shame there’s no interior shots of the Pod (although there are more plans on the site), but you can go look at it Pod living appeals. £18,000 is the price, or you can make an offer for less.

Find out more at the eBay website

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